As I get nearer to my 73rd birthday this summer, the first part of that invitation (older) is certainly a fact. The second part (wiser) is more presumptive, but I believe we obtain more wisdom as we age. Here’s what I’ve learned about wisdom over my lifetime. In our 20’s it’s all about data… he or she who finds the answer first wins! Then somewhere in the first decade or so of adult life, we learn data are just numbers… that it’s validated data we should be seeking. Along about your third decade, you learn validated data is only valuable as far as leading to information upon which we can make good decisions. Enough information leads to knowledge and with enough knowledge we begin to understand how things work. If we live long enough, we enter the realm of wisdom, which only comes from experience, many mistakes, and the ultimate realization as to why we’re here in the first place.

Well, there’s a fair amount of wisdom for you right there! I’ve lived through some harrowing experiences over my lifetime… serving 32 years in the U.S. Army… and at age 29 beginning a 40+ year career as a Family Physician.

Since retiring from full-time work three years ago, I’ve been studying internet marketing, and have tried so many home business opportunities… purchased so many “bright shiny objects” sure to make me successful… watched webinar-after-webinar presented by the so-called guru’s in the field, I don’t even remember them all now. The “guru’s” as you know… are those twenty-year-old individuals with 3 sports cars, a huge home, and an in-ground pool.  Yes, those are the same ones I’ve watched too! Somehow, however, their programs, systems, and products just didn’t bring me the rapid success they were supposedly having.

All of that changed, however, when I learned of a system focused on what’s called Attraction Marketing… a type of marketing I’d never seen nor heard of previously. It was the absolute opposite of all the traditional sales approaches I’d been studying. Instead of chasing down leads wherever I could find them (potential leads being essentially anyone who could read and write and use a telephone)… I’ve learned there’s a system that specifically targets the exact type of person interested in what I have to potentially sell them. Furthermore, this new and exciting type of marketing has brought customers to me, wanting to join my team! Honestly, it initially seemed too good to be true, but I’ve now watched it work successfully for over a year.

I’ve dedicated my third career to this work and am enjoying setting my own hours, working anywhere there’s internet access, and having interested individuals applying to work with me! My vision today is to master Attraction Marketing and then teach others how to go about it without making nearly as many mistakes as I did.

People tend to think of entrepreneurs as individuals who want to just make a lot of money from home. And there are individuals out there doing that. A real entrepreneur, however, is someone who can solve problems… common problems most of us experience in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s in business or simply doing what we like to do.

I know there are many of you out there who have completed successful careers and are wondering what you might want to do in retirement. I know many of you would love the opportunity to “fire your boss” as the saying goes. Unfortunately, some of you have simply lost your job for one reason or another and are looking for something you can do to make ends meet, or even to provide a few of those extra things in life we all enjoy.

As a professional my entire adult life… first as an Army officer for 28 years and then as Family Physician for over 40 years, I’ve always worked with professionals. I want to continue working with professionals… people with high standards and values… people willing to work hard towards their goals… honest, individuals who want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

I’m confident in telling you it can be done and that I can help you do it!  And it’s so much easier than you ever thought possible. I invite you to follow me on this journey and achieve the legacy you deserve to leave your family, friends, and colleagues while enjoying life to the fullest!

We’ll talk again soon…